Losing Weight In The 1950s Was, Apparently, Quite The Miserable Experience

If you think it”s difficult to lose weight in this day and age, you”re right. However, it used to be even harder. Humans bodies were the same, but weight loss techniques a few decades ago were just bizarre.

Dropping twenty pounds is no easy task, but at least now we have some idea what we”re doing. It seems like back in the 1950s, people made wild predictions about what would help you slim down. While they might not have had science figured out back then, they sure made up for it with sexism. Take a look at the hell that was trying to lose weight as a woman in the 1950s.

That”s good news! But wait, what”s the catch?


A little exercise? Oh, that”s not so bad.

A little exercise? Oh, that

It almost looks like she”s having a great time.

It almost looks like she

Ooh! You get to wear fun shoes, too?

Ooh! You get to wear fun shoes, too?

Wait, what”s going on?

Wait, what

No! Wait. What”s happening?

No! Wait. What

Is she OK?

Is she OK?

Don”t do it!


What kind of twisted science experiment is this?

What kind of twisted science experiment is this?

Take a trip down memory lane by watching a weight loss video from the 1950s below. It”s almost as good as going to the gym today, given the amount of cringing you”ll do.

(via VintageFashions)

Yikes. That 5 AM spin class doesn”t seem half as bad now compared to all of these torture devices.