Justin Timberlake Got Slapped By A Stranger At A Golf Tournament

We have no idea why anyone would want to harm the beautiful face of Justin Timberlake, but the 35-year-old singer turned actor actually got slapped during a golf tournament at Lake Tahoe this weekend.

As the singer tried to get through the crowd of the 27th annual American Century Championship, a seemingly random drunk guy decided to test his limits and gave him a quick tap on the cheek.

Although we could see some celebrities going completely off the rails at this point: Justin simply asks the guy: ‘Bro, why would you do that?’

It doesn’t seem like there was any malicious intention in his act, in fact the man shouts as he’s lead away by security: ‘I just wanted to touch him!’

We feel you, random drunk guy – we feel you!

A notable tip, however: if you’re ever lucky enough to be in the same room as Justin Timberlake, maybe you should ask before you make physical contact…;